Week Nine: ‘Social Organization—Micropolitics, Networks, Designing for and Living in New Communities’

An open source approach to Global Warming?

Could it work?

I enjoy the idea of an open source internet, I love the idea of sharing and everything being free to access in order to help each other.

I don’t know how to exactly comment on Global Warming itself. I’m one of those people that is on the fence about the whole validity of the situation. I understand the argument that there is all this information that is here and now that proves there are changes in the atmosphere. I believe that. I also believe weather is unpredictable and so is the earth so that becomes contradictory to some facts. Also I’m so surprised that if all this evidence is there why the government has failed to do anything?

But I guess that’s a major point of why these communities are coming together and are for these Common Pool Resources that Elinor Ostrom herself is supporting. It’s an innovative way to assist in the fight against global warming all over the world creating this global community we seem to reference all the time and reach out to all parts of the world to even work on a local level within certain entities connected to these networks.

I understand how the concept will function after viewing A Knife’s Party Production of ‘Coalition of the Willing’ yet the question I propose from this is even with the vast outreach of the internet will this make a difference? Will more people come onboard to this cause? Or will it simply be the people that are interested in global warming now will be the people that get involved and the cause will stop there?

I hope for the earth’s sake that if this open source system came into fruition that we would see a surge in people becoming involved in the movement and the community would continually grow.

I hope it would work like P2P torrenting does, how a huge community of users work together to bring all the content they enjoy and share it with others in the online community.

I’d much rather an online community working together rather than companies putting money into shock campaigns about Global Warming like this.

I just think this is disturbing.


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