Week Eight: ‘Big Politics—The Fate of the State’

Reading about all the events that have taken place in Egypt, I feel like I have been asleep for the majority of the time in relation to this whole commotion over there as I only appear to momentarily pass the television and see protests on TV then hear at uni how a lot of it is organised through social networking.

[image courtesy of Zuma Press]

I found the point that Nikki Usher made in this report very valid. Basically stating that all this organising may start in the virtual world through all the social networking people speak of but it is quickly taken to the streets and it becomes the ‘real world’.

We tend to sit their and focus on what developments are taking place online and how people are creating there government online and yes I agree that it is definitely evident these people are finding new ways to contact each other and organise these protests but when it comes down to what is happening on the street that is personal choice and nothing no matter how these individuals have been influenced by what they have been reading online it comes down to the individual to take what action they feel is necessary.

Moving away from the devastation in Egypt I think there are a lot of positives we are beginning to see with this ‘self policing’ that we are beginning to do online. The film Us Now has really opened my eyes to how people are using the web and I guess becoming more daring and open to new experiences based on web communities.

The idea of the website Couch Surfing scares me, yet I find it so interesting how this online community is functioning on developing this system of couch crashing all over the world. The film covered many other avenues of online participation but I think the main point I took from the film is from a lady on the film (missed her name and the website doesn’t let you rewind???) ‘A lot can be fulfilled by allowing people to help each other’.

This outlook on the inter-web is a great optimistic view to have on the possibilities the web offers. Not that I’m going to go crash on a strangers couch anytime soon but I’m happy these online systems are successful in the most part.


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