Week Seven ‘Framing versus “Transversality”—music, journalism and other ecologies of practice’


This is what consumed most of my time when trying to complete this week’s blog.


I believe it’s definitely this ‘transversal’ connection between the technology and myself. I didn’t recognise how my mind/body is interacting with the technology till I read Andrew Murphie’s article. http://nine.fibreculturejournal.org/

I feel these new media technologies and their transversality are beginning to cross the ‘lines’ Murphie discusses into our biology in way. It’s crazy to be thinking about my biology when I’m talking about my interaction with technology. But I feel these technologies are starting to effect my thought process, changing the ways I go about trying to find information.

Now in relation to my thought process, I will get to how Metronomy consumed my time doing research this week. While looking through the links our lecturer had loaded I found this site. http://www.the-fly.co.uk/

After going on to this site I saw the article relating to the band Metronomy and being able to listen to their album. I clicked on the article then clicked on the link in the article to listen to the album.

I was then unable to listen to the album because I wasn’t living in the UK. I then googled the album to see if other sites were streaming the album and I found a site that wouldn’t load properly, from here I then went to Twitter and searched Metronomy’s album and begun clicking on all the link’s people posted…..

I was meant to be doing research for this week and I was totally led astray without even realising and this consumed at least half an hour of my time doing this.

What is wrong with me?

Then I started to think, wait, what is happening to my train of thought. Why did I attempt so many ways of finding this album, I could just wait a few days for the album to be released and listen to it then, but No, I needed the information now and my university work could wait.

We are educated by media technologies in a way that we believe that all this information is at our finger tips, which we should be able to access what we want right now. Our brain is telling us, working with the technologies in this ‘transversal’ manner that this is possible.

We are changing, whether we like it or not.

I don’t know if I mind it.

Here’s a song off Metronomy’s new album at least that I did get to enjoy during my search.


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