Week Six “Data and Media—An Unrequited Love?”

My second video blog ever. Just trying to get into it. Never really done these before but thinking being a media student I should. Looked at Paul Edwards ‘A Vast Machine: Computer Models, Climate Data, and the Politics of Global Warming’ (2010) and Howard Heingold’s talk on Infotention and dashboards and so forth <http://howardrheingold.posterous.com/a-mini-course-on-infotention>. Was at first confused by Edwards reading and it’s relation to media but after watching Heingold’s mini lecture it made a lot of sense and I explain that in the vlog.

Also I didn’t define Infotention in the vlog but my own interpretation beside the definition on the site is how we take information in using technology and through using this technology train our brain to process the information in this new way.

Also next post I’ll go back to writing a blog I won’t vlog all the time, it’s only because I couldn’t think of any cool pictures or videos to put for data models.


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Slowly losing it.
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