Week Four: “Global Mnemotechnics”—Globalising Memory, Thinking and Action Memory is a tricky thing.

It’s something I sort of find myself thinking about all the time. I wonder whether we have memories from our former lives/ancestors stored away in us or how certain moments in time I get that ‘déjà vu’ feeling all of a sudden and feel like I am living some moment over again.

It’s really interesting how this week we started to look at material memory in Stiegler’s article ‘Anamnesis and Hypomnesis: Plato as the first thinker of the proletarianisation’. I found it interesting how we can find our memories lying in an object somehow. This view of ‘active externalism’ and how these objects become an extension of the mind itself got me thinking about how I relate certain songs to moments in time/particular memories.

A particular example I can think of is this song.

(i can’t embed any version because sony music won’t let it play on a blog!)

And how whenever I hear this song a automatically think of a supermarket.


(image courtesy of creative commons)

It’s so strange and peculiar how I think of a supermarket every time and the song has nothing to do with supermarkets but still my mind goes there. I trace this train of thought back to my trip around Europe back in 2008. For some reason I kept hearing this song all around Europe, I didn’t know the exact words I basically just kept hearing the tune and was really into it. This finally led to me being in a supermarket in Rome and I heard it on the radio and asked someone close by what this song was and who sang it as I was compelled to know! (And I finally did find out)

But since then as soon as I hear the song it reminds me of my Euro Trip but before I reach that stage all I can remember is the interior of the supermarket and the look of the aisles, a type of involuntary memory.

I view music as a type of involuntary memory as I believe it is the most stimulating source of ‘memory extension’ as it can make me nostalgic when I hear certain songs from the past and bring myself back to certain moments in my life when I hear the first line to a song.


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